Workforce Mobile Scheduler Standard Implementation and Configuration Services


The standard implementation of Workforce Mobile Scheduler, including configuration, entails:

Customer Responsibilities Kronos Responsibilities

Customer will:

  • Identify the managers and employees with active mobile devices that will participate in the Workforce Mobile Scheduler Program.
  • Have the Workforce Scheduler Call List appropriately configured for the managers and employees participating in the Program.
  • Coordinate end user training.
  • Provide Kronos a complete list of the IP addresses used by all Workforce Central web and application servers.
  • Develop any internal process and procedures associated with manager and employee use of the Workforce Mobile Scheduler application (i.e. employee opt-in, use of functionality in compliance with business rules, etc).
  • Complete solution testing within two weeks of completing the implementation.
  • Must currently have installed and be using Workforce Scheduler 6.1. or higher version.

Kronos will:

  • Install the minimum service pack requirement (Workforce Central v6.1.7 or higher) on all Workforce Central application servers, as required. 
  • Configure all Workforce Central application servers for use with Workforce Mobile Scheduler.
  • Modify up to 10 Function Access Profiles to accommodate Workforce Mobile Scheduler.
  • Kronos will assess the configuration and use of employee contact information fields within Workforce Central to ensure compatibility of with Workforce Mobile Scheduler requirements.
  • Modify the Person Import Interface to accommodate Workforce Mobile Scheduler attributes, if needed.
  • Coordinate all setup and testing with third party communication vendor. 
  • Provide a CBT and job aid for use by the Customer in training their end users.
  • Not be responsible for any individual usage charges incurred by the Customer's employees.

Any customization of Mobile Scheduler requested by Customer, and any additional professional services for a non-standard implementation, will be subject to a separate statement of work to be mutually agreed upon by both parties, including any associated fees and expenses.