Cloud Guidelines

Standard Production and Development Environments Included
Restore of Production to one non-Production environment once per week. More frequent restores or additional environments require a time and materials fee. Included
Hosting Application Connectivity Mode: Customer portal is provided and supported by Kronos facilitating secure authenticated access to customer applications. Portal access authorization is governed by customer requirements and is implemented by Kronos. Cooperative efforts with customer IT staff may be required to enable access. Kronos will assist with validating site connectivity but assumes no responsibility for customer Internet connection or ISP relationships. Included
VPN: The customer will supply their own VPN hardware capable of establishing an IPSEC tunnel to the Hosting site over the open Internet. For this solution, Kronos will work with customer Network Engineers to bring up the VPN Connection. The customer is responsible for the management of the VPN device on their side, their local Internet connection, as well as the configuration of the tunnel. It is the customers responsibility to report tunnel connectivity issues and have appropriate technical staff ready to work with the hosting team to debug. Included
Device Initiated Terminal Connectivity: In this mode of communication, the Timekeeper Terminal initiates all communications with the Device Manager Server at the Hosting Center. All terminals shipped after February 2008 with Firmware Version 3.0 or later can use this method of communication. This includes Terminal Parts 8602800-500 through 8602800-899. For this method, it is required that the customer open port 443 OUTBOUND. **VPN required for terminals when solution includes HRPR Included
VPN Terminal Connectivity: This communications method is required for all Timekeeper Terminals not meeting the Part Number or Firmware Version requirements Parts 8602800-500 through 8602800-899. Workforce Timekeeper 6.1 or later requires Firmware Version 3.0 or later. Included
Citrix Licenses: Concurrent licenses provided for accessing WIM Interface Designer and Custom Reports Designer 2 Included
FTP Accounts 2 Included
Operating System and Database Management: Executing maintenance scripts such as updating statistics, free space, indexes and database integrity checks; application of critical security patches, service packs and hot-fixes; maintenance of servers throughout the life of the hosting solution. Included
Server Maintenance: Repair and replacement of defective or failed hardware and the installation of hardware upgrades. Included
Application service packs, legislative updates (if applicable), patches, and technical upgrades Included
Process Manager Templates: More than 3 Process Manager templates may require additional infrastructure and fees Up to 3 may be deployed
Manager Reports: Up to 5 per manager per pay period Included
Backup and Restore Services: Customer data is backed up on a daily incremental and weekly full back up schedule. Database backups are replicated via encrypted SSL sessions to an offsite Kronos managed hosted environment. Included
Disaster Recovery Services: Customer environment and all data are replicated to a secondary Kronos managed datacenter. Disaster Recovery Services provide an RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of 72 hours and a RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of 24 hours. If Selected on Sales Order Form

English Only unless stated on Sales Order

Data encryption for data at rest not provided

Modem clocks are not supported


Workforce Central Upgrade Services

Service includes services for Kronos to execute tasks to successfully apply upgrades and updates to Customer's Kronos applications to one (1) Development (non-Prod) and one (1) Production environment. Updates will be applied to existing Development and Prod environments. Services are limited to those tasks which apply Kronos software updates to the applications and to customer's standard Workforce Integration Manager interfaces. Customer agrees to receive updates automatically as part of the Service. Kronos will work with customer to define a schedule for updates based on Kronos preference or customer request.

The table below reflects the recommended upgrade tasks.

Project Management Not Included
Planning Phase  
Define the project scope Included
Technical readiness & architecture review - Hosted Environment Included
Assessment Phase  
Interface upgrade assessment Included
Assessment of customs and custom reports Not Included
Solution Upgrade / Build Phase  
One (1) restore of Production database to Development environment
Additional restores, if requested, shall incur a Time and Materials fee.
Upgrade of non-WIM interfaces in Dev and Prod Not Included
Upgrade of customs and custom reports Not Included
Configuration of new features or functionality Not Included
Test & Certify Phase  
System test upgraded environments Included
User acceptance testing (UAT) of upgraded environments, interfaces, custom reports, new features, etc Not included
Sign-off on upgraded Dev and Prod Environments Customer

Note that new feature configuration, project management services, Educational Services and training are not included as part of Upgrade Services, but may be purchased independently, if desired.