Implementation Process, Roles & Responsibilities

Kronos SaaS SMB Fixed Scope implementations follow our Paragon methodology – an iterative, collaborative approach, driven by value and realized through collaboration. Paragon is bolstered by tools and techniques, such as configuration specific to your industry and region, Kronos process recommendations, dynamic documentation to ensure you’re always up to date, and accelerated testing processes to ease the effort and improve the results of testing. The Paragon Project Lifecycle, and Roles & Responsibilities, are discussed in more detail here.

Workforce Central Core Implementation Services - All Modules

The following implementation services are included within all modules:

Workforce Central – Project Methodology and Technical Environments – Per module
Project Management Creation and maintenance of an Online Project Workspace, Work Plan, Issues and risks management, weekly status calls and reports. Kronos PM will work with Customer Project Manager to jointly run project. Project Management includes transition to Kronos Global Support after the first deployment go-live.
Implementation Approach Kronos will conduct one assessment with your project team to create one solution design for your organization. Your team will conduct one testing cycle to accept that solution, which Kronos will support. Kronos will support one production cutovers and provide knowledge transfer to allow you to be self-sufficient in any subsequent phased rollouts you choose to conduct. This assumption applies to each module purchased. Customers who have significantly different pay and/or functionality requirements across locations or divisions should purchase additional Assessment and/or Testing/Deployment groups under a la carte services. A single Assessment cycle can typically handle a maximum of 3 subject matter expert attendees representing the needs of different groups.
Technical Architecture Two environments (1 Production, 1 Development) will be designed and built to house all the modules purchased. Implementation will occur in the Production environment prior to cutover. The Development environment may be refreshed from Production to support Testing and Training activities.
User Authentication Application-level authentication will be set up for users. Note that if Single Sign on capability is desired, that needs to be purchased as an a la carte service offering
Training We train your core team, and provide you with Knowledge Pass collateral and toolsets to train your end-users. Our training points system allows you to be flexible in how you train your core team: the training points provided with each SaaS SMB proposal do vary based on employee/module subscription counts but always provide both direct project team / system administrator training and indirect training such as train-trainer classes to support end-user training. Kronos training curriculums, along with points per class, can be reviewed on the Kronos Customer web-site.
User Education outside of Knowledge Pass and the Training points packaged within the offering is not included in core program scope. End User training curriculum development, consulting, and classes may be quoted separately and additional to the program.


The assumptions above apply to each module purchased. So Project Management applies to customers who have subscribed just the core module, but also (with a higher overall PM effort) to customers who have subscribed to the core module but also two Optional modules. And a customer who has subscribed to Workforce Timekeeper and Absence Management would have an Assessment conducted for each, and may choose to perform one live cutover for Timekeeper, and a later one for Absence Management (or they may elect to perform both cutovers together).

If purchasing Workforce HR or Workforce Payroll as an add on to WTK, Workforce Calculated Accruals is required.  Also, additional Workforce Timekeeper consulting and configuration will be required.  Additionally, Workforce Payroll requires Workforce HR.   



The following a la carte implementation services are available for additional purchase with the SaaS/SMB program. They apply to EACH module purchased. Where they have been purchased the implementation scope is defined as follows:

Workforce Central - A La Carte Options Per module
Workforce Central Instance 1 additional environment may be purchased, in addition to the Production and Development instances provided with the core offering
Workforce Central Additional Assessment Group Assessment Groups over and above the single assessment and design included in the core offering may be purchased. Customers who have locations with different needs by location will benefit from two or more separate ‘streams’ of assessment and design for each location or groups of locations.
Workforce Central Additional Testing and Deployment Group Testing and Deployment groups over and above the 1 test, deploy and go-live cycle included in the core offering may be purchased Customers who have locations with different needs may benefit from two or more separate ‘streams’ of testing, and/or production cutovers with each location.

WFC SaaS Setup Detail Documents for Flat Fee Implementation - 2,500 employees or less

Archived Setup Detail Documents

WFC SaaS Setup Detail Documents for Flat Fee Implementation (Archived March 10, 2017)

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