SMS Quick Fill™ ("Quick Fill") is an optional value added service for Kronos Workforce Central Scheduler™ ("WFC Scheduler"), allowing customers who are permitted to use WFC Scheduler to contact their employees via SMS messaging to fill open shifts in the event of unplanned absences. The customer's SMS Usage within SMS Quick Fill will vary according to: (1) the customer's unplanned absence rate; (2) the number of employees contacted per open shift request; and, (3) the number of SMS exchanges ("Interactions") between the customer and its employees per open shift request.

Quick Fill is a subscription service priced based on the number of annual SMS text messages required for customers to fill open shifts annually. Quick Fill text messages are sold by blocks of text messages. The "Standard” block has 500 SMS text messages per block. The following table outlines the cost per bundle:

Names Number of Messages Pricing per Message Block
Workforce Scheduler - SMS Quick Fill Standard 500 USD $7.5

A customer's Interaction Usage Fee is calculated by dividing the number of annual SMS text messages required by the number of text messages in the selected block, then multiplying that number with the cost of the selected block. In this example the annual SMS text message requirement is 500,000:

  • Standard: 500,000 / 500 = 1,000 message blocks * Price = Cost

If the customer exceeds the pre-purchased annual number of SMS text messages, a per SMS charge for additional interactions will apply (the "Excess Interaction Rate"). Pricing per SMS over Customer's Maximum Aggregate Annual Interactions is:

Names Overage Fee
Workforce Scheduler - SMS
Quick Fill Standard

Excess Usage Pricing
USD $0.02 per 


  • The applicable "Excess Interaction Rate" is charged per Interaction once the maximum number of Interactions covered by the Annual Interaction Usage Fee is reached
  • Unused Interactions expire at the end of the Annual Usage Term and are not eligible for credit
  • In the event of a conflict between the above summary and Customer's signed relevant Order Form or SOW, the Order Form or SOW, as applicable, shall prevail.

Quick Fill is currently available in US and Canada. The price per block of messages entitles the customer to the chosen tier's maximum number of SMS messages to phone numbers in the US and Canada only. Additional charges may apply for international SMS messages.