Workforce Analytics for Retail Datasheet

Workforce Analytics for Retail transforms labor and sales data into meaningful business intelligence. Learn how managers can make data-driven decisions that optimize workforce utilization, control labor costs, and drive continuous improvement.

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Creating a Comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Strategy with Kronos and Circadian

Download this datasheet to learn about reducing fatigue risk at organizations that operate around the clock.

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  • Workforce Central Suite

Elements of Successful Organizations

Sequel to Creating the Workforce — and Results — You Seek from The Workforce Institute at Kronos

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How Automated Schedule Design and Management Benefits Employers and Employees

Employers who provide flexible schedules for employees are at a competitive advantage for retaining talent.

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Kronos and Microsoft Alliance Brochure

Kronos and Microsoft bring employers a complete, integrated strategic solution that streamlines management processes and enhances business performance.

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Lean Labor: Chapter 8

Download chapter 8 of Lean Labor to learn how manufacturers are reaping the rewards of Big Data insight to gain a competitive advantage through strategic labor costing.

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Homecare TTE Datasheet

HomecareTTE allows you to create your own set of time collection dialogues based on the data required to pay each home healthcare provider correctly.

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Workforce Central Suite Translation and Customization Toolkit

Customize your application with the languages your employees prefer, for fewer communication-related errors and increased satisfaction.

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Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics Datasheet

Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics™ provides in-depth business intelligence -- staff productivity and labor cost reporting, KPI tracking, and comparative performance data rankings — to help drive more effective branch staffing decisions

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  • Kronos FMSI Performance Analytics