UKG for Banking Industry Brief

UKG for Banking delivers the complete automation and real-time visibility your organization needs to improve operational efficiencies and optimize workforce performance for reduced costs, increased sales, and higher customer satisfaction.

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UKG for Insurance Industry Brief

UKG for Insurance delivers the complete automation and real-time visibility you need to increase efficiencies, manage absenteeism, and minimize compliance risk, while delivering a quality customer experience and extending the value of your existing business systems.

Industry Brief

Protecting Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks

In this new UKG white paper, learn more about ransomware and the steps modern cloud solutions are taking to ensure the safety and security of your data.

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  • Analytics

HR's Secret Weapon: The Power of Big Data

Discover big data’s critical role in powering workforce analytics and the difference this technology can make for your organization.

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  • Analytics

Microaggressions at Work: How subtle acts of exclusion can poison your workplace culture

Read this comprehensive guide from diversity, accessibility, and inclusion firm Parris Consulting on microaggressions and the harmful effects they have at work.

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  • Human Resources

UKG 2021 Appointment Study

The UKG 2021 Appointment Study provides valuable insight for banks and credit unions looking to continually improve the branch experience.

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  • Kronos Customer Connection Solution – Sales & Service Module

  • Customer Connection Solution

The Way Forward: A Look at Post-Crisis Work Life

COVID-19 tried to cancel work. Can HR bring it back? See what Laurie Ruettimann has to say about returning to work and what the future of work will look like.

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  • Human Resources

Improve Meal and Rest Break Compliance

Complying with evolving state meal and rest break laws can challenge organizations. Learn how UKG tools help document compliance with meal and rest break laws.

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  • Workforce Dimensions Suite

  • Workforce Management

UKG Ready Support Services Brochure

Learn how UKG Ready™ Support Services complement your existing resources and help you realize greater value from your investment.

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  • Workforce Ready Suite

  • Human Capital Management

  • Workforce Ready Services

Think Globally, Act Locally

Globalization is forcing organizations to rethink how they manage a workforce that spans cultures and countries. Learn how a global workforce management strategy helps drive standardization, reduce risk, and improve visibility for better results.

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  • Advisory Services