Staffing LINK Datasheet

Staffing LINK — a National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) export interface based on Kronos Workforce Integration Manager™ (WIM) — providers can streamline their Press Ganey NDNQI data submission with high-quality, accurate workforce data.

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Healthcare Human Resources Plug-In, powered by Kronos Workforce Analytics Datasheet

The Healthcare HR Plug-In brings together HR demographics, pay and performance information, and new hire and turnover information, along with comprehensive data from Kronos Workforce Central®, to provide one-stop, on-demand access to critical human capital management (HCM) intelligence.

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Kronos EZCall and Workforce Timekeeper Interface Datasheet

The Kronos EZCall™ – Workforce Timekeeper™ interface simplifies the exchange of schedules and other data to streamline processes, provide access to real-time data, increase accuracy, expedite tasks, and gain a holistic view of staffing and resources.

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Kronos for Acute Care Hospitals

Kronos for Acute Care Hospitals helps providers create and manage an engaged workforce that supports the delivery of value-based healthcare. With solutions that help balance staff workloads, provide full workforce visibility, improve productivity, and automate recruiting, attendance policies, and more, healthcare organizations can seamlessly manage their most valuable asset.

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Kronos Advisory Services for Healthcare Brochure

Kronos® Advisory Services for Healthcare help you navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape, extend the value of your Kronos solution, and drive excellence in value-based healthcare delivery

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Kronos Workforce Workload Manager for Healthcare Datasheet

Kronos Workforce Workload Manager for Healthcare is available as part of the Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare suite of offerings. Workload Manager assists nursing leaders by matching demand for care to the clinical labor supply. This proven solution measures each patient's level-of-care intensity to quickly compile total workload, validate staffing levels, and generate balanced, equitable patient assignments for review and approval.

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HealthLeaders – Automating Workforce Management in Healthcare

Have you consider the benefits of workforce management automation for patient care, employee engagement, and productivity? Automation of workforce management is starting to move from the back office to the bedside, according to a recent HealthLeaders Media survey.

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Healthcare Analytics Feature Guide

Tap into workforce data that reveals what’s really going on at your organization. Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare provides dozens of healthcare-specific reports that shed critical insight into productivity and key performance metrics, labor costs, and opportunities for improvement at your organization. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare delivers the data you need to provide quality patient care and keep employees safe, productive, and engaged.

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HealthLeaders Report: Workforce Management’s Significant Role in Patient Care

In this report, Workforce Management's Significant Role in Patient Care you will see the results of a poll that reveals the lack of consensus throughout the industry around the question of what constitutes a care role or action — and why it matters.

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Workforce Management in Healthcare: Taking Care of Talent and Patients

Aberdeen Knowledge Brief identifies that best-in-class healthcare organizations achieve financial success through a combination of patient-centricity, effect workforce management and the judicious deployment of technology.

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