Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital - Chapter One

Acquiring capital and technology is no longer a barrier to entry in any market, and the workforce’s application of capital and technology is what provides innovation and competitive differentiation.

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Employee Engagement Your Last (and Best) Source of Competitive Differentiation

There’s a lot of talk today about employee engagement. Conferences are swollen by earnest discussions of how to address and manage millennials and Generation Y while also satisfying the needs of older staff.

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Finding Agility in Your Workforce:

Finding agility in your workforce allows you to optimize efficiencies, deliver improved customer service, and drive better business outcomes.

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Kronos Services for Logistics, Service Sector, and Financial Services: Partnering for Success Video

Are you successfully achieving your desired business outcomes? Find out how Kronos delivers industry-specific guidance to deliver the experience you expect.

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Kronos for Logistics Solution Guide

As logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of a demand-driven supply chain and rising customer expectations, they need every advantage they can get to stay competitive and remain a vendor of choice.

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A Consumer Approach: How HR Can Transform the Employee Experience

In today’s complex workplace, employers are struggling to attract, retain, and engage talent with the skillsets required to meet their strategic objectives. At the same time, employees are looking for alternative work arrangements, flexible hours, more control over their time, and a consumer-like work experience. What do these new expectations mean for HR?

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The Overtime Lie

John Frehse, Sr Managing Director, Ankura Consulting Group, LLC explores the adverse costs of idle time and explains how overtime can be used as a powerful tool for companies to manage variable and seasonal demand.

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Gaining Flexibility and Agility in the Workforce

Having successfully leveraged automation to achieve new levels of operational efficiency, logistics companies are now turning to technology to better understand and optimize their most valuable resource: their employees.

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Kronos for Distribution Industry Brief

Looking for new ways to drive profitability? More effective workforce management is the place to start. After all, your workforce is your greatest asset; when employees deliver quality service to your customers, profitability follows. Optimize employee productivity and control costs, and you’re able to gain a competitive edge.

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Kronos Advisory Services for Services and Distribution Brochure

Kronos® Advisory Services for Services and Distribution help you navigate the ever-changing and highly competitive market landscape, extend the value of your Kronos solution, and achieve better business outcomes.

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