Competing in an Era of Choice eBook

In the current job market, people can choose where they want to work. Learn how HR solutions can help organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent.

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  • Human Capital Management

Better Together: Integrating HCM and Workforce Management Infographic

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. To engage them, you must understand all the factors that go into individual and business performance.

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  • Workforce Management

UKG for YMCA Industry Brief

Learn how UKG for YMCA helps you attract and retain best-fit employees and manage them more cost-effectively to deliver safe, quality member services.

Industry Brief

UKG for Field Services Industry Brief

Service quality can make or break your business. UKG for Field Services helps drive exceptional service and more profitable operations.

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  • Workforce Management

UKG for Staffing Industry Brief

UKG for Staffing is a single, fully integrated system that helps today’s staffing organizations better manage employee time, costs, and performance.

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Gaining Flexibility and Agility in the Workforce

Having successfully leveraged automation to achieve new levels of operational efficiency, logistics companies are now turning to technology to better understand and optimize their most valuable resource: their employees.

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Omnia Partners, Public Sector Government Purchasing Alliance Datasheet

Kronos is proud to partner with Omnia Partners, Public Sector to provide public sector organizations with workforce management solutions to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Industry Brief

Optimizing the Bank Branch in a Digital World Infographic

This infographic explores how bank branches are improving the account-holder experience and engaging employees with innovative digital workforce solutions.

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  • Workforce Management

Robots vs. Reality: Innovative Technology for Today, Not Tomorrow

Robots aren’t mainstream in financial services yet. Learn about innovations that augment human interactions and improve workforce management today.

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  • Advisory Services for Financial Services

The Latest Technologies Disrupting the Logistics Industry

Get a better understanding of how big data, cloud computing, omnichannel distribution, and mobile solutions are disrupting the logistics industry.

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  • Workforce Management