Providing Flexibility When Presence Is Required

Employees want meaningful work and flexible working arrangements that contribute to healthy work-life balances.

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  • Human Capital Management

UKG for K-12 Solutions

Paper-based HR processes in K-12 school districts drain HR staff time. Learn how automating core HR functions free up staff to focus on people, not paperwork.

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From Pre-Hire to Retire

With a human capital management strategy, school systems can save money, improve efficiency, and bolster staff morale — without having to lay off staff.

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Q&A with the Experts: Using Technology to Manage Your K-12 Workforce

Tracking employee time during a forced school closure can be challenging. Learn from K-12 leaders and industry experts how mobile and other tools can help.

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Cultivating Change in K-12 Schools

While workforce management solutions can deliver measurable efficiency, productivity, and visibility benefits to K-12 schools, integrating this technology in the daily lives of district employees can be a significant culture change.

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Building an Engaging K-12 HCM Experience in Challenging Times

School districts must adapt to today’s challenges while optimizing resources. A human capital management (HCM) solution for K-12 could be the best way forward.

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Boosting Employee Engagement in K-12 Schools

Antiquated systems can reduce school staff motivation. Learn how automating workforce management can boost employee engagement and student performance.

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