Kronos and Tyler Technologies’ Munis Integration Datasheet

An easy software integration experience can be elusive, but Kronos® and Tyler Technologies’ Munis have developed a superior workforce management integration.

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  • Workforce Management

The Kronos and Step Up Consulting Partnership

Kronos is partnering with Step Up Consulting for implementation of the Kronos® for Public Sector solution. Learn how you will receive a superior user experience.

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  • Workforce Management

Using Data to Improve Workforce Management

See how automated workforce solutions ease time, people, and compliance management.

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Providing Flexibility When Presence Is Required

Employees want meaningful work and flexible working arrangements that contribute to healthy work-life balances.

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The Kronos and Worldgate Partnership Industry Brief

To ensure its K-12 customers effectively implement their time and attendance solutions, Kronos has partnered with Worldgate to deliver an unparalleled experience.

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  • Implementation Services

Boosting Employee Engagement in K-12 Schools

Antiquated systems can reduce school staff motivation. Learn how automating workforce management can boost employee engagement and student performance.

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Special Activities: Reporting and Tracking Labor in Your District/School Webinar

Accounting for the labor costs involved in grant-funded activities can be fraught with difficulty — but an automated workforce management system can help.

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