Productivity Reporting With UKG for Healthcare Datasheet

At UKG™, our purpose is people™. UKG for Healthcare, our unified suite of workforce management solutions, measures productivity in labor hours per unit of work. In workforce management there are three critical points in the workflow process where this measurement is available.

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  • Workforce Activities

Building an Engaging K-12 HCM Experience in Challenging Times

School districts must adapt to today’s challenges while optimizing resources. A human capital management (HCM) solution for K-12 could be the best way forward.

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  • Workforce Activities Grant and Project Tracking

  • Time and Attendance

UKG for Healthcare

Explore automated technology solutions that empower you to schedule an engaged, efficient workforce across the continuum of care.

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  • Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare

  • Employee Scheduling

Unleash the Power of Your Workforce Data for Manufacturing eBook

How manufacturers can use analytics to manage overtime, avoid employee fatigue and burnout, uncover hidden costs, and minimize compliance risk.

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  • Workforce Analytics

  • Workforce Management

Workforce Scheduler for Healthcare

Workforce Scheduler automates the creation of work schedules based on a forecast of predicted patient volume, with consideration of employee skills, experience, and preferences.

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  • Workforce Scheduler

  • Workforce Management

Transforming Workforce Governance and Staffing Models to Withstand Crisis

See how BayCare Health contained labor costs using data-enabled HCM and WFM governance to overcome unexpected operational, clinical, and financial challenges.

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  • Workforce Central Suite

  • Workforce Management

Crisis Management

Public safety agencies need sufficient staffing during a crisis or event. Learn how Workforce TeleStaff™ provides the right coverage and supports cost recovery.

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  • Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety

East Fork Fire Protection District Infographic

Manual payroll and scheduling processes ate up valuable time in the East Fork Fire Protection District. Learn how automated Kronos® solutions improved processes.

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  • Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety

Workforce TeleStaff and Workforce Dimensions Integration Datasheet

By integrating Workforce TeleStaff and Workforce Dimensions, Kronos offers schedulers, administrators, and employees a unified user experience.

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  • Workforce Dimensions Suite

  • Workforce Management

Re!magine Rebuilding: People First: Regrouping, Rebuilding & Resilience

In the COVID-19 world of work, staffing firms must rethink strategies for managing employees. Learn how to put people first to ensure business success.

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  • Workforce Ready Data Collection

  • Human Capital Management

  • Advisory Services