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Robots vs. Reality: Innovative Technology for Today, Not Tomorrow

Robots aren’t mainstream in financial services yet. Learn about innovations that augment human interactions and improve workforce management today.

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  • Workforce Management

  • Advisory Services for Financial Services

Your HCM System is Leaking White Paper

Your payroll system could be leaking, losing data and dollars by the minute, and it’s very possible you don’t even know it.

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  • Workforce Management

A Guide for Maximizing Insurance Field Agent Tracking and Reporting

Maximize the performance and efficiency of your field agents with a modern workforce solution that includes mobile timekeeping and robust reporting features.

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  • Workforce Management

Long-Term Capacity Planning Datasheet

Get a better understanding of how big data, cloud computing, omnichannel distribution, and mobile solutions are disrupting the logistics industry.

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  • Workforce Dimensions Suite

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UKG for Insurance Industry Brief

UKG for Insurance delivers the complete automation and real-time visibility you need to increase efficiencies, manage absenteeism, and minimize compliance risk, while delivering a quality customer experience and extending the value of your existing business systems.

Industry Brief

Time and Attendance Strategies for the Modern, Multigenerational Workforce

For the modern multigenerational workforce, time and attendance is more than just tracking and automating timesheets. In this white paper, you will learn how best in class organizations leverage innovative workforce management tools and strategies to drive business success.

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  • Workforce Timekeeper

  • Time and Attendance

Five Time and Labor Data Trends Fact Sheet

Time and labor data collection is a great place to look for leaks that could be leading to significant losses for your organization.

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  • Workforce Management

Better Together: Integrating HCM and Workforce Management Infographic

Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. To engage them, you must understand all the factors that go into individual and business performance.

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  • Workforce Management

The New Dimensions of Work: Are You Prepared?

The total impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on financial services has yet to be seen. It is changing how we look at the business model and the future of work, specifically how financial services organizations can use technology to solve critical workforce challenges in ways they never had to before.

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Hassle-Free Onboarding is Critical in Financial Services Infographic

With the right tools, onboarding can be a hassle-free process that allows organizations to focus
on the human part of human resources.

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  • Human Resources