Transforming the Employee Experience in Manufacturing

A Gallup poll shows that only 25% of manufacturing employees feel engaged with their work. Learn in this eBook how to better engage your manufacturing workforce.

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UKG for Manufacturing Brochure

Manufacturers must find ways to stay competitive. See how UKG helps them build, support, and grow an engaged workforce that drives productivity and performance.

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A Unified Approach: The Integration of HCM and Workforce Management in the Energy Industry

By integrating workforce management and HCM technology, HR leaders in the Energy industry can work smarter to better fulfill their many responsibilities.

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The Future of Manufacturing: Transformational Technology and Your Workforce

Manufacturers are implementing new technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and data analytics to transform their operations now and for the future. While these technologies drive increased operational efficiencies and overall productivity, they also impact the workforce by providing the opportunity for upskilling and helping to attract new talent.

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Your Last Differentiator: Human Capital - Chapter One

Acquiring capital and technology is no longer a barrier to entry in any market, and the workforce’s application of capital and technology is what provides innovation and competitive differentiation.

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Employee Engagement Your Last (and Best) Source of Competitive Differentiation

There’s a lot of talk today about employee engagement. Conferences are swollen by earnest discussions of how to address and manage millennials and Generation Y while also satisfying the needs of older staff.

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