Improve the Public Safety Scheduling Process through Automation

Public safety scheduling is complex. Automating the scheduling process solves common scheduling issues and supports critical objectives.

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  • Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety

  • Employee Scheduling

Prison Unrest: Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Software Solutions

Read about the findings of a new CorrectionsOne survey on whether corrections facilities are prepared for prison unrest and how an automated staffing and recall solution can help.

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  • Workforce TeleStaff for Public Safety

2022 Megatrends in HR

After the events of 2020 and 2021, employees have more power than ever before. Discover how these trends impact 2022 and beyond, and how employers can adapt.

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  • Human Capital Management

Transforming Payroll Through Digitization

Learn why digitizing your payroll contributes to your organization's competitive edge and overall success.

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  • Payroll

Constellation ShortList – Payroll for North American SMBs

Constellation Research compiled its ShortList™ of North American payroll vendors for SMBs through conversations with customers and independent analysis.

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  • Payroll

Life-work Synergy in 2021 and Beyond

Learn about the new notion of life-work synergy — centering work and the workplace around your people.

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  • Human Resources

UKG for Air Industry Brief

Drive productivity and optimize scheduling to get the most from your workforce while still ensuring the safety and security of your passengers.

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  • Workforce Management

UKG for Credit Union Industry Brief

Credit unions can improve branch operations, optimize sales opportunities, and deliver an exceptional service experience to members with staff scheduling, lobby management, and appointment setting software.

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  • Workforce Ready Suite

UKG for Distribution Industry Brief

Looking for new ways to drive profitability? More effective workforce management is the place to start. After all, your workforce is your greatest asset; when employees deliver quality service to your customers, profitability follows. Optimize employee productivity and control costs, and you’re able to gain a competitive edge.

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UKG for Trucking Industry Brief

Without question, the trucking industry is at a very critical juncture. The labor decisions trucking companies make today will affect profitability and market position both now and in the future. In this industry brief, you'll learn how implementing a UKG workforce management solution can help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Industry Brief