UKG Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing Feature Guide

This feature guide provides an easy‐to‐understand view of new features, enhancements, and functionality in the UKG Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing solution (formerly Kronos Workforce Analytics™ for Manufacturing). You can use this handy guide to explore how Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing delivers reliable data you can use to understand labor issues and make informed decisions. With valuable insight into your workforce, you can answer critical business questions and pursue opportunities for improvement.

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Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decisions at Northwest Pipe

Technology is changing how companies approach work. Learn how Northwest Pipe is using a UKG HCM solution to optimize productivity and better engage employees.

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UKG for Manufacturing: Unleash the Power of Your Workforce Data eBook

How manufacturers can use analytics to manage overtime, avoid employee fatigue and burnout, uncover hidden costs, and minimize compliance risk.

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