The Kronos and Worldgate Partnership Industry Brief

To ensure its K-12 customers effectively implement their time and attendance solutions, Kronos has partnered with Worldgate to deliver an unparalleled experience.

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  • Workforce Management

  • Implementation Services

Boosting Employee Engagement in K-12 Schools

Antiquated systems can reduce school staff motivation. Learn how automating workforce management can boost employee engagement and student performance.

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  • Employee Scheduling

Tracking & Reporting Special Activities Labor in Schools White Paper

Accounting for the labor costs involved in grant-funded activities can be difficult — but an automated workforce management system can help.

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  • Time and Attendance

Cultivating Change in K-12 Schools

While workforce management solutions can deliver measurable efficiency, productivity, and visibility benefits to K-12 schools, integrating this technology in the daily lives of district employees can be a significant culture change.

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The 6 Workforce Hazards Facing School Districts

You’ve kept employees focused on student success while fostering an environment ripe for growing and learning, but at what cost is growth delivered? Learn about the workforce hazards affecting your K-12 district in this whitepaper.

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Solving K-12's Biggest Workforce Management Challenge

Tracking extra duty time worked by K-12 school employees is a huge hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s why.

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Seven Little-Known Ways a Workforce Management System Can Benefit Schools

K-12 leaders are saving money and improving student outcomes with better insight into workforce data.

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