UKG EZCall for Physicians

UKG EZCall for Physicians automates and simplifies creating fair and equitable provider schedules, delivering accurate schedules easily accessed from anywhere.

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  • UKG EZCall

  • Workforce Management

UKG Emergency Response Unit Tool Datasheet

When disaster strikes, your healthcare facility needs to act fast. Learn how the UKG Emergency Response Unit Tool helps deploy staffing resources.

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  • Workforce Dimensions Suite

  • Workforce Management

  • Implementation Services

Staffing LINK Datasheet

Staffing LINK — a National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators® (NDNQI®) export interface based on Kronos Workforce Integration Manager™ (WIM) — providers can streamline their Press Ganey NDNQI data submission with high-quality, accurate workforce data.

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  • Workforce Scheduler

  • Employee Scheduling

Kronos for Acute Care Hospitals

Kronos for Acute Care Hospitals helps providers create and manage an engaged workforce that supports the delivery of value-based healthcare. With solutions that help balance staff workloads, provide full workforce visibility, improve productivity, and automate recruiting, attendance policies, and more, healthcare organizations can seamlessly manage their most valuable asset.

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  • Time and Attendance