Make Your ELD Data Come to Life Fact Sheet

ELD data can help you better manage your business, but it doesn’t provide a complete overview. Fill your labor visibility gaps with an automated solution.

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Kronos Services for Logistics, Service Sector, and Financial Services: Partnering for Success Video

Are you successfully achieving your desired business outcomes? Find out how Kronos delivers industry-specific guidance to deliver the experience you expect.

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  • Advisory Services for Financial Services

Kronos for Logistics Solution Guide

As logistics companies find themselves at the crossroads of a demand-driven supply chain and rising customer expectations, they need every advantage they can get to stay competitive and remain a vendor of choice.

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Kronos for Trucking Industry Brief

Without question, the trucking industry is at a very critical juncture. The labor decisions trucking companies make today will affect profitability and market position both now and in the future. In this industry brief, you'll learn how implementing a Kronos workforce management solution can help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

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Labor Analytics for Logistics Datasheet

Workforce Analytics for Logistics provides actionable insights to help your managers make data-driven decisions that control labor costs, increase productivity, and optimize service quality.

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