Communicating Effectively in Challenging Times

COVID-19 has greatly altered retail and hospitality operations. Learn how these businesses can deal with new regulations put in place in their stores.

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Emerging Stronger: Practical Insights for Retail and Hospitality

As retail and hospitality businesses prepare to reopen as the pandemic continues, learn the steps they can take to keep employees and customers safe.

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Strategies for Riding Out the Chaos: Forecasting

As the economy shifts in unexpected ways, retail and hospitality face special considerations when building forecasts for short and long-term decisions.

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Workforce Dimensions Task Management

Empower people with mobile technology, connect with targeted content, validate tasks in real time, and use accurate data to make decisions and incite action.

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Using Metrics to Measure Labor Productivity

Turn labor and sales data into meaningful business intelligence to make data-driven decisions that optimize workforce utilization, control labor costs, and drive continuous improvement.

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