Workforce TeleTime IP Datasheet

Time and attendance data collection from the convenience of any phone.

For a remote or distributed workforce without access to a timekeeping device, Workforce TeleTime IP™ captures time and attendance data.

Discover how employees working remotely or at multiple facilities can use a landline or mobile phone to perform all the time and attendance tasks they would typically complete at a data collection device. And supervisors also can use Workforce TeleTime IP to edit and approve employee timecards and send messages to employees.

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This versatile tool helps improve workforce productivity and makes administrative tasks easier to perform:

  • Workers can enter punches, see their schedules, complete job transfers, enter meal deductions, and have 24-hour self-service access to their information
  • Supervisors can complete daily and urgent tasks from anywhere with phone access
  • Easily configurable, Workforce TeleTime IP provides maximum flexibility and easy administration
  • Designed for fast, efficient phone calls, the solution get employees working quickly
  • Multiple language support ensures you can communicate in your users’ languages

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Workforce TeleTime IP simplifies workforce data collection from any phone.