In today’s tight labor market, organizations need to develop a strong talent pipeline. Learn how Kronos Workforce Ready® Succession Planning can help.

Workforce Ready Succession Planning Overview Video

Above and beyond leadership readiness, organizations need to prepare top talent at all levels to fill future roles. This requires building bench strength by identifying and developing employees who have the current skills and/or potential to move up within the organization or take on different roles. By taking steps to prepare future replacements, you can fill open positions quickly and efficiently when employees are promoted, staff members resign, or departments are re-organized.

View this short overview video to learn more about Workforce Ready Succession Planning and how it can help your organization:

  • Engage and retain employees by defining career paths for their continued growth and development
  • Evaluate readiness and potential with an easy-to use employee performance and potential matrix
  • Mentor and nurture employees with visibility into skills, competencies, and developmental needs

Watch this informative video to find out how you can successfully identify and develop talent talent with interactive and intuitive succession planning tools from Kronos.