Workforce Ready Scheduler Datasheet

Put the right person in the right place at the right time.

Forget trying to schedule a diverse workforce using spreadsheets and semi-automated systems. Kronos Workforce Ready® Scheduler automatically generates best-fit schedules based on organization-specific requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement. With easy-to-use tools, automated workflows, a powerful constraints engine, and real-time visibility into the workforce, this solution enables managers and supervisors to spend less time building and managing schedules and more time focusing on strategic priorities.

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The system lets you know when scheduling actions violate established rules. This automatic enforcement of scheduling rules and policies helps avoid employee grievances, litigation, and files. And real-time visibility into accurate employee data, labor costs, and demand enables managers to make intelligent staffing decisions on the fly. 

Need to fill an open shift due to an unplanned absence? Forget about paying unnecessary overtime or hiring contract workers. Workforce Ready Scheduler automatically generates a prioritized call list of qualified workers based on availability, seniority, skill set, and more, so you can fill shifts with the right person at the right cost. Automated alerts notify managers when schedules exceed budget limits so appropriate adjustments can be made to keep labor costs in check.

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