Workforce Ready Employee Perspectives Datasheet

Unlock the power of your Workforce Ready data with analytics

Kronos Workforce Ready® Employee Perspectives, powered by the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of AIMEE™, delivers workforce insights with configurable at-a-glance views of employee performance, productivity, engagement, and more.

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With a single view of employee information across the entire employee lifecycle — from recruiting, onboarding, and performance management to time and attendance, scheduling, and absence management — you can filter people data, predict workforce trends, and focus on the facts that matter to make quick and effective business decisions. And turn employee insights into action for fast, proactive results that impact your workforce and your business.

  • Drive HR and business innovation by using workforce data from across the Workforce Ready suite to make more informed employee decisions
  • Easily visualize configurable workforce metrics and insights, such as employee performance, productivity, and engagement
  • Allow HR, executives, and frontline managers to quickly identify and respond to trends