Workforce Ready Advanced People Analytics Fact Sheet

AI insights for more human decisions

The Kronos Workforce Ready® suite provides AI-powered advanced people analytics tools that serve up the predictive insights you need to proactively make a difference for your organization and your people.

Find out how Workforce Ready’s advanced people analytics tools use AI to automatically predict high-impact workforce trends and provide you with actionable insights.

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Powered by AIMEE™, our award-winning artificial intelligence for managers and employees, Workforce Ready’s advanced people analytics tools help you to:

  • ADD INSIGHTS without adding effort
  • INFLUENCE TRENDS before they influence you
  • TAKE PROACTIVE STEPS with confidence
  • REDUCE COSTS and risks for your organization
  • RETAIN THE PEOPLE who power your organization

Download this fact sheet to learn more about how Workforce Ready advanced people analytics can put you ahead of the curve in HR, payroll, and workforce management.