Workforce Planner 6.4 Datasheet

Workforce Planner™ 6.4 includes exciting new features and functionality that can free up staff and increase employee engagement.

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This completely automated, rules-based scheduling and notification solution helps increase your organization’s ability to schedule with greater accuracy, improve productivity, and minimize compliance risks—without being constrained by manual processes and antiquated systems.

New features and functionality include:

  • Optional legacy calendar view with shift and work codes
  • Ability to select or deselect multiple work codes on the calendar at the same time
  • Visual Out of Assignment symbol that alerts users to staffing conflicts
  • Know who’s covering who with the work code tool tip
  • Comprehensive payback details on the dashboard
  • Larger work code checkbox
  • New detail code verification

Download the Workforce Planner 6.4 datasheet to get a comprehensive look at all the new and improved features—and their benefits.