Workforce Management Volume Forecast Optimization Datasheet

More accurately project labor demand to create effective schedules and control labor costs.

Accurate forecasting of retail labor needs is critical to delivering exceptional customer service. Learn how Workforce Management Volume Forecast Optimization can help.

This Kronos Advisory Services engagement is designed with retailers in mind, to help you more accurately project labor demand. With better labor forecasting, you can create more effective schedules — to help you engage employees and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Retailers are continually responding to shifting market conditions and business objectives. By improving volume forecast accuracy, you are better able to create more effective schedules for your employees and adapt to those shifting needs. With more effective schedules, your employees are more engaged and ready to deliver high-quality customer service — keeping customers happy, increasing basket size, and driving same-store sales.

The Workforce Management Volume Forecast Optimization engagement provides the foundation you need to develop a comprehensive strategy for volume forecasting, including:

  • An overview of how Kronos forecasting algorithms and special events affect forecasts
  • A forecasting algorithm for your customer volume and seasonal demand
  • Identification and utilization of independent variables, such as holidays, marketing/promotions, and geography-specific events
  • Knowledge transfer regarding Kronos solution configuration and forecast accuracy measurement
  • Recommendations and best practices for maintaining forecast accuracy

Kronos strategic advisors actively engage you in in-depth, guided conversations to gain a better understanding of your current process for measuring and maintaining forecast accuracy. This includes a review and documentation of current processes, policies, reporting, and methodology for forecasting volume.

Download this informative piece to learn more reasons why a Workforce Management Volume Forecast Optimization engagement may be right for you.