Constellation Research analyzes the trends affecting the workforce and makes recommendations to help organizations select a best-fit workforce management system.

This report explores the seven “people trends” that are currently affecting workforce management—and how workforce management systems can address these trends that include:

Workforce Management Selection Criteria for 2018 and Beyond
  • A multigenerational workforce
  • Regulation complexity
  • The talent shortage
  • Work/life balance demands
  • The rise of machine learning
  • The demand for fluid scheduling and flexible compensation

The report also analyzes the criteria buyers should consider when selecting a workforce management system, including:

  • The need for the elastic computing resources of the cloud
  • Smartphone platform support
  • Advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Software that supports the gig economy
  • Dynamic compliance, regulation, and compensation capabilities
  • All-data access and integration
  • The ability to apply machine learning and AI

Download this highly informative report today for insights on the current workforce trends and strategies for selecting the best workforce management solution for your organization.