Workforce Dimensions Work for Manufacturing

Improve operational performance with real-time insights into productivity.

No matter what sector of manufacturing you’re in, labor costs are one of your biggest expenses. These costs are tightly intertwined with labor productivity, or the output from an employee over a specified amount of time. Gaining insight into the work performed allows you to improve the efficiency of your labor productivity while lowering or maintaining your labor costs.

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The Workforce Dimensions™ Work solution from Kronos gives you the tools you need to automate and reconcile all your paid time to labor. With complete, real-time visibility into how your operations perform against productivity goals and benchmarks, you gain the power to make truly effective, knowledge-based decisions in the moment – before your bottom line is at risk.

Learn how with Workforce Dimensions Work, you can:

  • Improve workflows through simplistic integrations and accessible APIs
  • Enhance the employee experience through flexibility, smart forms, and simplistic data entry
  • Drive operational efficiencies with real-time visibility into labor data
  • Increase productivity and efficiencies with accurate standards