Workforce Dimensions SMS ShiftFill Datasheet

Imagine if you could fill open shifts — anytime, anywhere — with a single click. Learn how Workforce Dimensions™ SMS ShiftFill makes it possible.

Filling open shifts that become available after schedules have been created or posted can be a serious hassle. Workforce Dimensions SMS ShiftFill facilitates two-way communication between staffing coordinators or between managers and their employees, making it easy to address open shifts from any device for optimal flexibility. SMS ShiftFill lets your organization define how shifts will be filled and enables employees to accept shifts on the go via a mobile interface.

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Find out how SMS ShiftFill helps you:

  • Find the right staff members to pick up open shifts
  • Reduce the administrative effort involved in filling shifts
  • Get access to complete contact tracking and audit information

Download this datasheet to discover how SMS ShiftFill empowers fast, efficient, and equitable shift filling.

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