Learn how the Workforce Dimensions™ timekeeping solution helps salaried employees track time with a minimum of time spent in the system.

Workforce Dimensions Salaried Timekeeping Datasheet

Today, many salaried workers who need to report their time must use an hourly timecard that is far more feature-rich than they need for their daily tasks. Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping is a professional, efficient solution designed to meet their unique needs.

Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping provides:

  • A personalized home screen for salaried workers to view and access relevant information and to access their project timecard, report time out of office, and manage any notifications
  • A project-tracking view that makes entering time against projects easy and captures nonwork time such as vacation and sick time
  • An intuitive user experience that offers a project-centric view of work so salaried workers can simply choose a project and enter their time in just one or two taps
  • Mobile access to desktop project timecard features that allows field employees to enter time on site when the work is done instead of waiting to get back to the office

Download this datasheet to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions Salaried Timekeeping can benefit your salaried employees and help your organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity, and engage employees.