Workforce Dimensions Payroll Services Datasheet

Outsource your tedious and complex post-payroll processing tasks to Kronos.

If you do payroll in house, you could benefit from outsourcing post-processing tasks. Learn how Workforce Dimensions Payroll Services can help.

While processing payroll in house gives you great flexibility and control, time-consuming tasks such as garnishing wages, check printing, and tax filing can eat up valuable payroll staff time. After you have processed payroll in house with Workforce Dimensions Payroll, you can save time and headaches with  Workforce Dimensions Payroll Services.

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Your payroll staff is freed up for more strategic tasks when you take advantage of all or some of our payroll services to:

  • Print and distribute employee checks, direct deposit vouchers, and year-end tax forms
  • Transfer payments into employee accounts for direct deposit payments
  • Make deposits for tax liabilities and e-file or send monthly, quarterly, and yearly tax returns
  • Make garnishment payments for child support, tax levies, and creditor obligations based on amounts calculated in Workforce Dimensions Payroll and withheld

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions Payroll Services can help you increase efficiencies, reduce operating expenses, and minimize tax reporting tasks.