The Vocantas integration with Workforce Dimensions provides intelligent scheduling modules through multichannel, two-way interactive communication solutions.

Workforce Dimensions and Vocantas Partnership Datasheet

Thanks to the automated, real-time communication options embedded by Vocantas in Workforce Dimensions, customers have greater communication control and flexibility.

Vocantas tracks the date and time of every text, email, and call—and business and scheduling rules are applied to every transaction. Features of the Vocantas communication module include:

  • Absence Reporting that enable employees to self-report lateness or absence
  • Auto Shift Callout that uses text, email or automated call to fill shifts
  • Emergency Notification during inclement weather, facility shut down and start delays

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about how Vocantas and Kronos can make your business communications more timely, efficient, and effective.