Through the integration of Workforce Dimensions and Communicate Inbound, employees can use interactive text, phone, and email to report an absence or lateness.

Vocantas provides two-way, multi-channel, real-time, interactive employee communication solutions within Workforce Dimensions. The date and time of every text, call, and email are tracked and a confirmation number is provided to the employee for each transaction. With real-time communication embedded in Workforce Dimensions, all business and scheduling rules are applied to every transaction.

Workforce Dimensions and Vocantas Communicate Inbound Datasheet

The key features and benefits of Vocantas Communicate Inbound includes:

  • Enabling employees to self-report lateness or absence directly into Workforce Dimensions via text or phone
  • Allowing administrators to track reported absence or lateness by a variety of metrics via a hosted, web-based system
  • Allowing employees to text or call to indicate absence or late arrival and configurable to allow employees to indicate reason for absence or expected time of arrival, if late
  • Updating pay codes and opens shifts in Workforce Dimensions

Watch the video to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions and Vocantas can be used together to benefit your organization.