Passport’s mobile app allows you to easily keep track of all your employees’ activities, equipment, and materials data, wherever the work is done.

As the enterprise leader in workforce management applications, Kronos understands the need for strong integrations between software applications. Passport Corporation’s software applications span the frontlines to the back office, complementing existing systems and business processes, and extending the power and flexibility of Workforce Dimensions™.

Workforce Dimensions and Passport Mobile Data Collection Datasheet

With Passport Mobile Data Collection, you’ll gain visibility into your frontline operations that will give you more control and allow you to focus on improving performance. The application is highly scalable and supports custom forms to fit your workflow. Benefits of Workforce Dimensions and Passport Mobile Data Collections include :

  • Enforcing compliance
  • Communicating seamlessly between dispatch and drivers
  • Gaining visibility into your frontlines
  • Increasing payroll and billing accuracy
  • Helping ensure data accuracy

Download the datasheet to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions and Passport Mobile Data Collection can help meet the needs of your organization.