Workforce Dimension and Passport Route Execution Management Datasheet

Passport Route Execution Management enables you to analyze, manage, and optimize the difference between what was planned and what took place.

As the enterprise leader in workforce management applications, Kronos understands the need for strong integrations between software applications. Passport Corporation’s software applications span the frontlines to the back office, complementing existing systems and business processes, and extending the power and flexibility of Workforce Dimensions™.

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Passport Route Execution Module allows you to see behavior such as repeat stops, unscheduled stops, bottlenecks in the route, etc. Comparing the planned route versus the route that was taken provides invaluable insights that allow you to make productivity improvements. Benefits of Workforce Dimensions and Passport Route Execution Management include:

  • Manages route compliance
  • Gain visibility to further optimize route performance and reduce overtime
  • Analyzes the cost of noncompliance
  • Increases productivity and profitability

Download the datasheet to learn more about how Workforce Dimensions and Passport Route Execution Management can help meet the needs of your organization.

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