Workforce Central Skilled Nursing Facility Blueprint

See the Workforce Central suite at work in skilled nursing facilities.  See how Kronos Timekeeper, Workforce Scheduler, Workforce Analytics, Workforce Absence Manager, Workforce HR and Workforce Payroll, Kronos EZCall, Workforce Mobile, and Workforce Talent Acquisition are used in post-acute care settings like skilled nursing facilities.  From the Chief Financial Officer to the receptionist, from the physical therapists to the housekeepers, users throughout the facility can benefit.

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Kronos helps Skilled Nursing Facilities deliver quality, cost-effective patient care. With solutions that help balance staff workloads and improve productivity, automate recruiting and more, healthcare organizations can seamlessly manage their most valuable asset. Removing the complexity from workforce management, Kronos solutions free up doctors, nurses and clinicians of all kinds to deliver the quality of care patients expect.

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