Learning Path Workforce Central 8

The Workforce Central 8 Learning Path guides you in selecting the right education courses at the right time so you get the most from your workforce management system.

Kronos recommends a blended training approach, which provides you with the most effective and efficient way to learn. For skills and knowledge that require the guidance and support from our world-wide, expert instructors, you can attend instructor-led training delivered via the Kronos virtual classroom (KVC). KVC provides you with a structured online learning environment without costly travel or interruption to your busy schedule. For skills and knowledge that can be learned via self-paced training, you can find a wealth of resources in KnowledgePass.

Kronos also offers on-site customer training, where a Kronos certified instructor facilitates a Kronos instructor-led Customer course only for your company. We can come directly to your site or deliver to you via KVC.