Workforce Analytics Assessment for Retail & Hospitality Datasheet

Gain fuller visibility and build a more effective customer experience strategy with the Workforce Analytics Assessment for Retail & Hospitality.

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Find out how the Workforce Analytics Assessment for Retail & Hospitality can help you turn your people into your competitive advantage in creating a customer experience that builds loyalty and boosts revenue.

The Workforce Analytics Assessment is designed to gather a high-level overview of your existing reporting, analytics and performance management practice. Through interviews with multiple team members and leaders throughout your organization, process reviews, and data analysis, the Assessment will result in a high-level current state assessment that identifies strengths and opportunities relative to workforce analytics.

The Workforce Analytics Assessment engagement includes:

  • Developing and documenting the current state workforce reporting, analytics, and performance management program
  • Assessing current key performance indicators for alignment to business goals and objectives
  • Creating an inventory of existing workforce reports and identifying opportunities to rationalize or enhance delivery
  • Reviewing the current organizational store support team participation and fragmentation
  • And more!

Download this datasheet to learn how the Workforce Analytics Assessment can help support your customer experience strategy – and give you the information you need to deliver the experience your customers expect.