Why the Perfect Payroll Starts with the Right Payroll Vendor

Your chosen vendor should offer a unified solution and deliver a positive customer experience.

Read this APA PAYTECH article, Why the Perfect Payroll Starts with the Right Payroll Vendor, for all the information you need and the right questions to ask to find the ideal payroll vendor offering a unified solution and a great customer experience.

To deliver the most value possible, a payroll vendor should offer solutions that unify all aspects of the payroll process while providing a positive customer experience that starts on day one. A unified solution could make all the difference to the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll process.

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However, if you’ve heard “unified payroll” and “integrated payroll” used interchangeably in your vendor search, you should know that they’re not the same thing.

  • Unified payroll systems are human capital management (HCM) solutions developed by a single vendor with one employee record, database, and codebase that provides all payroll, tax filing services, HR, and workforce management capabilities in one solution.
  • Integrated payroll systems are HCM solutions typically developed by multiple vendors or consist of grouped modules with multiple records, databases, and codebases to provide payroll, tax filing services, HR, and workforce management capabilities.

Regardless of platform, a list of impressive high-tech features won’t mean a thing unless your potential payroll vendor offers a great customer experience. So when researching a vendor, you should ask how they engage with their customers and how they ensure that their customers get the most value possible from their solution.

A vendor such as UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) offers technology that represents the best the workforce management and HCM industries as a whole have to offer, along with a customer experience that is tailored to your organization and personalized to each administrator.

Choosing the right payroll vendor or type of platform doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Armed with the right information and knowing what questions to ask and features to look for should help you move your buying decision forward with confidence. Download the article now.