Aptitude Research Partners has found that workforce management technology’s broad reach, engagement impact, and shorter time to ROI may make it a better place to begin for Public Sector organizations than a more conventional starting point of ERP systems.

Which Comes First, the Enterprise or the Workforce Solution?

Public sector organizations are under constant pressure to spend their budgets wisely, and many turn to technology to help them not only operate more efficiently, but better manage key processes to reduce waste and improve effectiveness. However, these technology solutions require a significant investment of time, resources, and of course, money. As a result, organizations must think critically about how and when to undertake such projects, so as not to overwhelm employees or disrupt services. Conventional wisdom may point organizations to start their journey with the biggest system – the ERP. But recent research from Aptitude Research Partners shows it may not make sense to wait on workforce management technology, given its broad reach, engagement impact, and faster average time to value than ERP systems.