What Your Hourly Employees Really Want

Meeting the needs of your employees, to increase retention, performance, and job satisfaction.

Engaged retail associates are vital to customer satisfaction. Meeting the needs of these employees is key to improving their engagement and retention.

To attract and retain hourly employees, what can retailers offer that will encourage associates to stick around and become valued employees? The answer might be more basic than offering special perks.

More about this eBook

In this eBook, What Your Hourly Employees Really Want, discover what steps retailers can take to provide what retail associates are seeking from their employers:

  • Better management of schedules for work-life balance: a technology-based scheduling platform that uses artificial intelligence can satisfy associate scheduling preferences
  • More control of their finances: same-day access to earned wages relieves employee stress in handling a financial crisis
  • Clear job responsibilities: task management tools on a mobile app show associates exactly what is expected of them that day, making it easier for them to meet or exceed performance expectations
  • Positive coaching environment with growth opportunities: scheduling and task management technology can free up managers to identify and mentor high-potential associates for advancement opportunities

Download this informative piece to learn more about the tools and strategies you can use to better engage retail associates to increase their retention, performance, and satisfaction.