This APA article, Webinar Stresses Efficiency Improvements, explores the main topics of a recent webinar on how to improve the entire payroll process.

Inconsistent and/or error-filled data flowing into time and payroll systems can negatively affect productivity, compliance, and the overall health of the business. And research has shown that nearly half of American workers will leave their jobs after just two payroll mistakes — so payroll teams need to focus more than ever on accuracy and efficiency.

Webinar Stresses Efficiency Improvements

A powerful payroll solution can help increase visibility into trends and patterns that could be costly in both inefficiency and dollars. A clear path for corrective action and improvement should include:

  • Standardizing processes and eliminating a siloed approach
  • Targeting processes and high-value areas with potential for automation
  • Planning for change to build consensus, create consistency, and build an effective change strategy
  • Empowering your team and giving stakeholders a voice in the process

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