When you’re unsure of total employee work hours, you might overcompensate, overstaff, & overpay. Reduce unnecessary overtime with help from Kronos®.

Paying for more overtime than you projected can have several causes, from being short-staffed and mismanaging absences to a company culture that encourages overtime. Regardless, the negative results on productivity and the bottom line are the same. The key is being able to better estimate workloads and aligning your workforce to a best-fit schedule.

Unnecessary Overtime

A Kronos workforce solution can help you reduce needless overtime and maximize employee productivity by:

  • More accurately aligning staffing and scheduling to actual demand
  • Providing real-time insight into your time recording and employee hours
  • Helping you match hours to scheduling demands to ensure your staffing is correct

Get the whole story by downloading this fact sheet to learn how matching employee availability, skill sets, and preferences to your fluctuating business demands can help you stop paying for more overtime than you need.