Unions and Manufacturing: A Team Effort

How manufacturers and unions can work together to achieve compliance.

Unions and Manufacturing: A Team Effort demonstrates how working together and using the right workforce technology can improve collaboration and compliance.

The promise of labor unions centers on collaboration: the coming together of working people to improve conditions in the workplace. From higher wages and improved benefits to consistent scheduling, job security, and a safe working environment, labor unions have won important victories for workers.

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With rapidly changing technology and a competitive global marketplace, manufacturers and their workforces are facing increasing pressure on productivity and profitability. Unions can play a critical role in helping manufacturers develop and support a workforce that's ready to meet today's customer and market demands. By working together, they can improve compliance with labor agreements, ease the transition to new technologies, and support a healthy bottom line.

By leveraging technology, manufacturing organizations can improve collaboration and compliance with labor unions. Engaging and collaborating with employees throughout this process can make it easier to manage compliance. When collaboration includes opportunities to increase employee engagement, a climate of trust will grow. Effective strategies, backed by automated processes and data analytics, can help minimize the risk of costly penalties, lawsuits, and grievances due to noncompliance.