UKG Ready World-Class Infrastructure, Security and Support

A technical paper that explores the UKG Ready Ecosystem.

This technical paper provides a comprehensive look at UKG Ready and the processes and features that relate to every aspect of the solution.

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The cloud-based UKG Ready solution is the ideal choice for organizations looking to achieve their HCM goals without exceeding their capital equipment budget or placing additional demands on their busy in-house IT staff. Because UKG Ready is hosted in the cloud, you get 24/7 access to your solution without having to purchase additional hardware, operating systems, or database licenses. The UKG Ready cloud infrastructure environment features a true multitenant architecture that provides the highest levels of data security, system uptime, and built-in redundancy.

The technical paper, UKG Ready World-Class Infrastructure, Security, and Support, takes an in-depth look at the entire UKG Ready ecosystem, including:

  • Architecture/system design
  • Security policies and processes
  • Change management
  • System integration
  • Cloud services

Download this technical paper today to learn more about the UKG Ready solution so you can better manage your workforce.