UKG Ready New Administrator Training Overview Datasheet

This ongoing support program helps new administrators successfully use UKG Ready.

New solution administrators receive a supportive, personalized learning experience with our UKG Ready™ New Administrator Training Program.

When new UKG Ready administrators join your team, this self-paced training program helps them quickly get up to speed on the solution. They are automatically enrolled and receive a welcome email that provides a roadmap for their success in using the solution.

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The UKG Ready New Administrator Training Program includes the following benefits:

  • An introductory video and New Administrator Survival Guide Checklist
  • An on-demand orientation webinar that delivers a solution overview
  • One-on-one time with a UKG expert for answers to questions and best-practice advice
  • My Learning training resources such as simulation courses, job aids, user guides, and how-to videos
  • Access to the UKG Kronos® Community to connect with other UKG Ready users for helpful information and answers to solution questions
  • Assistance from UKG Support Services to optimize use of your solution

Download this informative datasheet to learn more about the UKG Ready New Administrator Training Program and how it can get your new administrators comfortable quickly in using your UKG Ready solution.