UKG for Higher Education: Auxiliary Services Industry Brief

Better manage your workforce while improving customer service.

Managing hourly and student workers presents unique challenges. See how UKG for Higher Education: Auxiliary Services improves workforce management.

Scheduling students around their academic schedules, accurately tracking their time working multiple jobs or at remote locations, and correctly attributing their time working on grant-funded projects can create added stress for higher education auxiliary services organizations. Discover how UKG for Higher Education: Auxiliary Services can help these organizations better manage their workforces while delivering excellent customer service and strengthening the bottom line.

More about this industry brief

Using this technology enables higher education auxiliary services organizations to:

  • Easily schedule student and hourly workers and fill open shifts
  • Accurately track hourly employee time working multiple jobs on campus and let managers quickly approved time worked in their areas
  • Correctly allocate employee time spent on projects and grant-funded work
  • Empower staff with mobile access to manage schedules and more
  • Maximize operational efficiencies and revenue by using analytics to see costs by unit

Download this informative piece from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) to learn more about how UKG for Higher Education: Auxiliary Services can help your organization gain efficiencies and free up time for staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.