UKG Dimensions Performance Testing

Learn how to find and address performance issues before going live on UKG Dimensions.

Download the UKG Dimensions Performance Testing datasheet to learn how to proactively address UKG Dimensions performance issues.

When implementing the UKG Dimensions™ suite from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), customer infrastructure and network could have a major impact on system performance — so UKG Global Technology Services has developed two UKG Dimensions Performance Testing service offerings to address these issues.

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The Standard Performance Test is an optional testing service delivered by UKG Global Technology Services, and the Advanced Performance Test is a more extensive, customized test. Each can help you:

  • Identify and address potential performance issues before they affect users
  • Discover these issues early so you can act on them before go-live
  • Mitigate unnecessary impact on your project timeline
  • Identify potential infrastructure issues
  • Provide a preview for the actual performance your users will experience (Advanced Performance Test)

If you’re in the process of implementing UKG Dimensions, download this datasheet now to see how performance testing could make all the difference for a successful go-live.

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