UKG in a Crisis ― Managing Exposure

Attestation and contact tracing reports help higher education institutions during a health crisis.

In a health crisis such as a pandemic, colleges and universities must protect students and staff. UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) provides attestation and contact tracing tools that address symptomatic employees and support a safe, healthy workplace.

Learn how the UKG for Higher Education solution enables institutions to have employees attest when they clock in whether they are experiencing symptoms of an illness. Institutions can create their own attestation statements that reflect their policies and language.

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If an employee is infected with a virus or other communicable disease, the solution’s contact tracing functionality enables institutions to review their time and attendance information and quickly alert those who have been in contact with an infected person in the workplace.

Download this informative piece to learn more about how the UKG for Higher Education solution provides attestation and contact tracing capabilities that help support a healthy work environment.

“Having an automated system to track time during this pandemic has been a lifesaver.”

Kacie Flynn
Executive Director, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Humboldt State University